Friday, December 9, 2011

Slow Burners Volume 2

As you might have guessed (with the Part 2 in the name and so on) Part 2 of the Slow Burners series is here, I was going to take this mix apart and rearrange it, but I have decided just to upload it as is and start work on part 3 when I get a chance. Many thanks again for the wonderful miss Mambo C. for allowing me to use her Trini Groove track :) There is a bit of philosophy behind these mixes, in that I want to put music you would not often hear on mixes, blended together in a way that every time you listen to it you notice something different, and eventually get to know the music on a different level, that's one of the reasons I call the series the Slow Burner series
Check out Part 1 here

or here

Slow Burners Part 2 dL by Decades