Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yes I finally did a new mix

It wasnt the mix I had nearly finished, but myself and the homie Admin had to undertake a road trip this weekend to pick up a car full of records and I wanted to have a new mix to listen to, so this was the result. This is the third mix in the Jazzy Joints series, which in case you are not familiar are mixes that are inspired by jazz based hip hop and beats, so they contain tracks that are slightly left of center of what the average hip hop mix would. This edition also contains some tracks that I had sourced from some other soundcloud users that were unreleased, but the guys were nice enough to hook me up with a copy for the mix.
Jazzy Joints III by dL by Decades

and be sure to check out Jazzy Gentle who's awesome version of Flying Lotus's Tea Leave Dancer is featured on the mix
Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers (Jazzy Gentle instr ReELab) by Jazzy Gentle

and also from the UK is producer Chris Komo
Whats Good ft. Jamel by Chris Komo

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Rule

I havent done many updates lately sorry guys, but I have been getting busy in the lab! I have been steadily working on some new mixes, 1 is very close to finished (i will post a link as soonas it is done of course)the other is still a little way off, but I have finally been motivated to get them done! In the mean time I am going to hit you off with some mixes that I have been listening to a lot lately, the first is the Sunday Under My Sheets mix done by mr miette out of France and the second is an awesome soul mix done by Mr Jeff Fellows out of Sydney Australia! Both of these guys have other great mixes on their pages so be sure to check them out!
A sunday under my sheets by mrmiette

Summer soul selection by strangefellow

Also here is an edit I did today
Rotary Connection Sunshine of Your Love dL edit by Decades
and one last thing, I just came across this earlier today, it is a video of Blackstar doing a live performance of one of their new tracks, they give a Madlib shout out which as much as love Madlib is a little worrying as I think he is too hot/cold to do an entire album, so lets hope that they stick to the formular of the first album and have a few different producers that all seem to gel together nicely (i especially hope to hear some j.rawls and hi-tek)