Monday, August 15, 2011

Mike O'Mara Hip Hop Soul Mixes

I recently came across these mixes on Mike's Soundcloud page and was an instant fan. Listening to them it is immediately obvious that they have been put together by some one with great taste and a genuine love of the music they play. So I downloaded all of them and passed out a couple to some of my friends (who usually hate everything), all of them came back to me with the who the hell is this guy and can i get more mixes kind of comments. So I went back to make sure I got all of the mixes in the series and the links so I could post them on here, but they had been removed due to time restrictions. So I sent Mike a message and he kindly offered to upload them on Mixcloud so people can continue to enjoy them!

check out Mike's Soundcloud page here

Mo' Edits

Gang Starr and John Waddell Love Sick uptempo remix dL edit (limited downloads available) by Decades
I remember when this dropped, I had a friend who's dad was deep into jazz, and he actually played this to us one night and it blew me away. Then when I went to buy the record, it of course had the different (album) version on it. I spent a very long time looking for the 12" with the remix, until one day I went into a local record store that was at the time run by a very influential local hip hop guy and found this in the $2 bin, it turned out because it was a plain sleeve promo with uptempo remix he thought it was a house version and didn't bother listening to it. It was only 5 or 6 years ago i actually realized that it wasn't the mighty Dj Premier that produced this but a man by the name of John Waddell, a UK producer who had worked with the likes of CJ Mackintosh in Nasty Rox Inc

Shiva Never Gonna Give You Up dL edit by Decades
Released in 1983 on an Aerobics record, but I actually don't know a lot about Shiva, all I can tell you is that you should be able to find this record in your local op shop for around a dollar, I just have always loved the groove for this song, not too keen on the corny sax part in the middle, but its over with pretty quickly. If any one can point me in the right direction for further information on the artist that would be great, ps I am pretty sure they are not the UK house group from the 90's.

and finally a beat
No Need For Introductions dL Instrumental by Decades

Scruffnuk Jones -

I have been a fan of this dude for quite a while, great simple beats and awesome videos!

Got to Maintain