Friday, April 10, 2009

hot soul summer mixtape

this is the hot soul summer mixtape, this one is from 2006 but it got a fair bit of play back then, no raers sorry
1.Hot Soul Summer intro
2. Bonnie and Clyde The rub remix
3. Jean Knight Mr Big Stuff
4. Jungle Brothers I remember
5. Mos Def Summertime feat Esthero
6. Skull Snaps Its a new day
7. ATCQ Find a way
8. Delta Greater good (feat Mojo the Cinematic prod MarkB)
9. Gangstarr you know my steeze
10. Jerky boyz interlude
11. Skee lo I wish(dL's boogiebackrmx)
12.Roy Ayers Boogie Back
13. KMD Smokin that shit
14. NWA Express yourself
15.Cold blood Kissing my love
16.Danger Doom Benzi Box
17.Omega Watts that sound (QSO Inst)
18.Koolism Sound of the beast
19.Jill Scott Golden (the dL pure gold mix)
20.The Pharcyde Ya Mamma
21.Taana Gardner Heartbeat
22.Redman blow your mind.

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