Thursday, September 24, 2009

RIP to a True Master

Well as some of you may know, on September 19 2009 one of the worlds best passed. Anthony "Roc Raida" Williams was truly some one very special. The dj world is fairly cut throat especially the battle circuit, but Roc Raida was that guy that every one only ever had good things to say about, his stage charisma was exceptional, his skills were truly inspiring and most importantly he was incredibly musical. The word icon is often miss used to describe dj's, but I would bet my life that there isnt one credible dj out there that would not tell you Roc Raida should not be in that category. So to celebrate the life of some one that never failed to inspire me, i bring you these treats.

OC Times Up
Roc Raida did the cuts on this seminal hip hop track, many dj's still today try to emulate the patterns he used.

Roc Raida Intro Dj Honda II lp
These cuts were always where i wanted to be as a dj, funky, musical and meaningful, with a street edge!

The Lump Lump Sadat X
Another great track, and more on point funky cuts from the Grand Master!

Turntablist Anthem The X-ercutioners lp
Another sure shot Roc Raida release, the whole X-errcutioners lp was littered with Roc Raida magic, this is just one of the highlights!

Roc Raida v's Mystery dj - Cues Hip Hop shop
IThis is the battle stuff Raida really excelled in, the juggles on this are mindblowing!

The Jungle Brothers - How you want it we got it (the native tounge remix)
This track features Roc Raida on the production! Seriously dope beat, not many people realize that Roc produced, fewer realize that he has produced beats for people like Big L, Show & Ag and many more.

Bonus Beats, some clips of Raida doing what he did best!

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  1. Couple of GM ROC RAIDA production pieces...



    The man was is a legend.