Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We return again with another of the themed mixes, this one is another 2 of my favorites, the very under rated Mark the 45 King v's the much celebrated (for very good reason) Diamond D the Psychotic Neurotic! 70 minutes of obscurities, some classics and some very rare releases, as usual all rcorded live off of vinyl and with a few minor technical difficulties (a needle kept skipping on one side).free download for those of you that are into that kind of thing,

45 King v's Diamond D, stictly live and all vinyl by Decades

1. I got planz Scientifik (Feat Diamon D, produced by Diamond D)
2. My Flows to Blow Kollabo Brothers Feat Diamond D
3. Super People 45King
4.Step to Me Inst
5.Step to Me Album Diamond D
6. Knowledge Gangstarr (Produced by 45King)
7. Soul On Ice Ras Kas (Diamond Remix)
8. Style Wars Lakim Shabazz
9. The Light Pharoahe Monch (Prod Diamond D)
10. 45 Instrumentals Beat 4
11. Word Is Bond House of Pain (Produced Diamond D)
12. This Cuts Got Flavor Latee (45 King)
13. Feel The Vibe Diamond (unreleased)
14.Two Five Wildchild and 45 King
15. King and Queen Creation 45 King and Queen Latifah
16. Smooth as Suede Ultimate Force
17. Heartbreakers Cold Crush Brothers 45king remix
18.Sneakin Up on Ya Fu Schnickens (Diamond Prod)
19. Let The Rythm Hit Em Eric B & Rakim 45king remix

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