Friday, April 2, 2010

OIshi Stylus

So the other night we decided that we needed to make a Japanese Hip Hop mixtape, so we burnt down a few, put a tape in the deck and went for it. All recorded live in doobz's kitchen (with the speakers in the lounge for that added rawness), so there are a few little hiccups in the mixing, but the tape still bangs! The other side should be uploaded soon (we had a small issue with one needle only coming through on one side so I need to try and fix that before i post it)

the tape features tracks from Mitsu, Gagle, Gortex, Dj Muro, Dj Krush, Grooveman Spot and many more

or here on soundcloud
Oishi Stylus1 by thedlch


  1. if you want the wav file for this let me know

  2. yo
    whats the song that starts at 24:00
    i searched the lyrics n shit but cant find anything

  3. its dj Muro and DITC Vinyl Athletes

  4. this mix is nice. i take it the tracks with rapping were acapellas over instrumentals and not official remixes?

  5. all remixes are official remixes, if you need to know any details just let me know
    peace dL