Sunday, April 25, 2010


Its not very often i post anything other than mixtapes on here, but over the past few months myself and good friend biz (aka toobiz aka the pirate of richmond aka worst guy ever etc) have been putting in some time in the studio making some music that we are truly prepared to stand behind. Both of us have been very active in the local music scene over the past 8-10 years, both of us are part of 7 piece Jazz/Funk?hip-Hop band , both of us were involved in Mindfield (Crackhouse) and both of us have also had other side projects to keep us busy over the last few years, but we also both seemed to want to try and push our music into some different directions, and over time we have realized that direction was very similar, so we have formed Decades, below is the first releases we have to offer, the first is a quick sneak peak at the title track from the album and the second is a free track (available in wav and mp3 format) entitled Enjoy the Ride, we have chosen these 2 tracks to start with as they offer what we feel is a good insight into some of the range we feel we can offer. please feel free to leave any feedback, be it positive or negative
peace dL

Live Another Day DL by Decades

Enjoy the Ride free version by Decades

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  1. Damn Decades!!!
    Your Music Is So Refreshing.
    Love The Production, Lyrics, Feel, Flow,
    Style Eggseddera Eggseddera...
    This Is Music I've Been Waiting To Hear
    For A Long Time
    DON'T STOP Pumping Love Into The Art